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Foto Profile Artis Cantik Gista Putri ( Gista )

Gista Putri Profile :

Full Name: Gista Putri
Nickname: Gista
Place / Date of Birth: Jakarta, August 2, 1987
Father Name: Agus Susanto
Name of Mother: Susilawati
Height / Weight: Kg 165Cm/45
Hobbies: Travel
Favorite movie: Get Married, Shutter Island

Gista Putri

Gista Putri

Gista Putri

Gista Putri

Gista Putri Biography :

Choose between education and career is a difficult to determine. As experienced by Gista Putri, which are now undergoing both. Sweet girl who was familiarly called Gista was now being spread its wings in the entertainment world with his debut film Extraordinary Symphony. While on the one hand he must finish college which is in the process end, Gista Putri decided to take the opportunity that has been given.

"This is an opportunity to develop my career, let alone the film is a field that I had never wrestled. But later after the movie finished, I will finish my college, "said Gista Putri met in the shower movie Extraordinary Symphony in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta some time ago.

Gista Putri began her career as a photo model in a teen magazine. His name began to fly after he managed to become finalists in the arena of teen magazines such models, she began a lot was offered to participate in various shooting and casting. The door is wide open even more, until finally he started to become a model video clips and commercials.

But before he set foot in the world of film, the girl who made Get Married and Shutter Island, as his favorite movie is again focusing on college. "When I was first semester, so I was a break from all filming activities or modeling, I want to focus in college. Well, now fit to live the end of the process, arrange the thesis I was offered to play the movie, I want to take this opportunity first, "said law students this.

No half-hearted in his film debut a role Gista with Ira Wibowo, Sophie Navita, Christian Bautista, and Maribeth. In the film titled Incredible Symphony who picked up the story of children with special needs was Gista role as Laras. "Barrel was a teacher for students with special needs. He became a teacher based on his sister with special needs but also is dead, "said the girl dreams of becoming a lawyer.
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